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7.1.2022., News

His Grace Bishop Dositej: CHRIST IS BORN, REJOICE !

Dear Brothers and Sisters, dear believers in the United Kingdom and in the Republic of Ireland. CHRIST IS BORN, REJOICE!
2.12.2021., News


Our parish slava, The Apostle St. Andrew the First Called, will be celebrated on Sunday, 5th December at the Chapel in Church House (62 KImbolton Road, MK40 2NX) and not at the regular venue of St. Paul's Church, which is unavailable that week due to preparations for the upcoming Christmas holidays.
27.10.2021., News

Serbian sisters celebrate their slava Sv Petka

On Sunday 24th October, the Kolo Srpskih Sestara (the Circle of Serbian Sisters) of Bedford celebrated their Slava, Saint Paraskeva of the Balkans.
12.9.2021., News

Parish services provision

Between 15 September and 15 October, Proto Radmilo will be taking annual leave.
31.7.2021., News

Memorial for victims of Operation Storm

On the anniversary of the expulsion of Serbs from Krajina following "Operation Storm", so-called, please inform local clergy that memorial services are to be held in our churches for all the victims.
20.5.2021., News


We would like to advise our parishioners that on Saturday 19th June on Memorial Saturday (when we offer our prayers to our Lord for the departed souls of our loved ones) we will set out to three cemeteries in our parish.
1.5.2021., News

Parishioners observe Great Friday

Our parishioners came together to observe an elegiac Great Friday service.
24.4.2021., News

St George's Day

We have been living under Covid-19 restrictions for more than a year now, so the arrangements for consecration of the slavski kolači for St. George's Day (May 6) are as follows...
28.2.2021., News

Saturday of Souls, 6th March

The parish is announcing that on the 6th March, the Saturday of Souls when we pray to God for our departed loved ones, will be observed in three cemeteries.
27.2.2021., News


Our Lord Jesus Christ paint a marvellous portrait of the Heavenly Father for us.
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Divine services schedule

Sunday, 23.01.2022,  Northampton
+ Sunday, 23rd 17.30 Vespers service

Sunday, 23.01.2022,  Corby

+ Sunday, 23rd 10.00 Divine Liturgy ( SAINT SAVA CELEBRATION) Program: učenici Srpske škole)

Thursday, 27.01.2022,  Bedford

+ Thursday, 27th (SAINT SAVA) 10.00 Св. Литургија // Divine Liturgy (at the Chapel and Church House, 62 Kimbolton Road)

Sunday, 30.01.2022,  Bedford

+ Sunday, 30th (ST. SAVA CELEBRATION) in Chapel /Dom (62 Kimbolton Rd., MK40 2NX) 10.00 Divine Liturgz Blessing of slava bread + Program from Serbian School

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