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Serbian Patron Saint Day

The Patron Saint Day or Krsna Slava is a commemorative celebration of a Saint or Holiday on whose  day our ancestors were Baprized. It is unique to the Serbian people. Its distinguished tradition is the most beautiful expression of our Orthodox faith, and is deeply instilled in the soul of Serbian people.

Our ancestors accepted Christianity and renounced paganism for faith in One God – the Lord Jesus Christ. Serbs accepted Christianity freely and voluntarily; they were not forced by anyone. Their conversion was strictly of their own free will. But there was dedicated and hard work on the part of Christian preachers and missionaries who found fruitful ground in the hearts of Serbians. The Serbs were Baptized and thus became Orthodox Christians.

Orthodox Christianity is a God – revealed religion. Its foundation is the Holy Bible and Holy Tradition. Led by The Holy Spirit, the Orthodox Church faithfully holds these two sources as the foundation to her interpretations, explanations and formulas of all its dogmas and truths. On that basis, the Church instituted the Holidays of Christ, the Virgin Mary and of the Saints. Each Holiday is related to an event in the life of the Church. We celebrate Christmas in honor of the Birth and Epiphany in honor of the Baptism of our Lord  Jesus Christ. The Nativity of the Virgin Mary honors the birth of the Mother of God, and St. Stephen’s Day honors the Deacon’s martyrdom for Christ.

The same thing happened with Patron Saint Day  (Serbian Krsna Slava). It pertains to the most important day in the life of our ancestors. Through Baptism they became members of the Church of Christ. They were born again, and their Patron Saint Day is their Spiritual birthday!

In commemoration of their Baptism, they began to celebrate Patron Saint Day (Krsna Slava) the Holiday honouring the Saint on which they were Baptized.

The Serbian Orthodox  Church  of St. Sava blessed this practice and proclaimed Patron Saint Day (Krsna Slava) as a purely Christian institution. She prescribed a ritual in which God is glorified  and the Saint venerated!

To celebrate Patron Saint Day (Krsna Slava) properly, it is necessary to include the following: Patron Saint (Slava) Ikon, Vigil, Oil, Holy Water, Slava Bread (Kolach), Slava Candle, Wheat, Red Wine and incense. All these symbols appear in the Church since the beginning of Christianity. They are essential in most of the rituals and Services. Therefore, Patron Saint Day (Krsna Slava) is purely a religious observance of the Family, not of the individual.



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